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“GamaSec provides a SaaS-based alternative to traditional website scan hardware and software security products”

“SaaS website Vulnerability Scanning Following are a few companies I have found”

“GamaScan is a web vulnerability-assessment service that tests web servers, web-interfaced systems and web-based applications and will crawl an entire website, analysing every file, and displaying the status of the website structure against current vulnerabilities”

“Those companies give website a “certificate” that the website can put on the site for customers to see that this website is really secured”

“Web application Security, great tools here to keep you website safe from attacks and hackers”

“Automated online website vulnerability assessment delivers proactive tests to Web Servers”

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“OWASP, Vulnerability scanning tools recommendation”

“Automated security service that searches for software vulnerabilities within web applications”

“After learning about GamaSec and their web vulnerability assessment service I felt that this partnership brings online merchants what they need to succeed on today's security conscious Internet."

“Web Security Scan Focused on Cloud Computing”

“Only solution for Web site vulnerability management, because of its scalability and ease of implementation”

The only way to combat the Web application security threat is to proactively scan websites and Web applications for vulnerabilities and then fix them. Implementing a Web application scanning solution must be a crucial part of any organization’s overall strategy.

GamaSec delivers vulnerability scanning solutions and services to assess your site vulnerability and ensure your organization's web application security. Offering an early-warning system of defense for web application security, operation security and online information security, GamaSec tools solve major cost limitations which often prevent businesses from successfully and effectively implementing web vulnerability solutions.

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