GamaSure PLUS

Virtual Hacker, Remediation-as-a-Service & Data Breach Limited Warranty*

Give your business the ultimate combination of website security, convenience and financial peace of mind with GamaSure PLUS – our most comprehensive package that lets you focus on your business. A virtual hacker technology continually protects your website, trained experts conduct all remediation on your behalf, and a Data Breach Limited Warranty offers the resilience your business deserves.

GamaSec does all the work, remediates vulnerabilities found on your client’s website, ensures that your customers are protected on an ongoing basis – and backs it with a data breach limited warranty that’s available to them when they need it most.


Many small and medium-sized businesses don’t have the resources or time to eradicate website vulnerabilities. GamaSure PLUS provides you with access to GamaSec’s trained specialists who will conduct and manage the entire remediation process on your behalf. Remediation experts use both manual and automated processes to rid your website of web application vulnerabilities and dangerous malware. GamaSure PLUS then re-scans your website to validate and document full eradication – allowing you to focus on your business while GamaSec provides fast, comprehensive and affordable protection.

Data Breach Limited Warranty

Backed by U.S.-based Assurant, the Data Breach Limited Warranty within GamaSure PLUS helps businesses get back on their feet after damages from website attacks, including costs related to data restoration, customer notification, credit monitoring, public relations and more – up to $50,000 for impacted users in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.

Coverage Includes:

Annual Aggregate Limit $50,000

  • Data Restoration Cost
  • Compromise Coverage
  • Customer Notification
  • Consumer Monitoring
  • Public Relations Services
  • Data Re-Creation Services
  • Forensics and Legal Services
  • $25,000 sublimit per event
  • $25,000 sublimit per event
  • Included in Compromise Coverage
  • Included in Compromise Coverage
  • $3,000 sublimit per event
  • $5,000 sublimit per event
  • $2,500 sublimit per event

*The Data Breach Limited Warranty within GamaSure PLUS is only available to companies in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.