GamaShield PLUS


We’re here to help. Don’t let your limited resources impact your website security.

GamaShield PLUS arms your business with GamaSec’s hacker that quickly and consistently identifies website vulnerabilities – plus, it adds a convenient and time-saving remediation-as-a-service solution where GamaSec does nearly all the work for you.

GamaShield PLUS provides your business with the same website security technology that Fortune 500 companies rely on every day. In a matter of minutes, GamaShield PLUS’s automated cloud-based virtual hacker to identify web application vulnerabilities as well as dangerous malware on your website. GamaShield PLUS then provides an easily understood report outlining the steps to eradicate them. With GamaShield, you’re informed and in control.

The GamaSec Remediation as a Services process is manual as well as automated. During the remediation process GamaSec analyst use engines and tools that are developed and built in house, every remediation is handled by an analyst whose responsibility is to clean-up remove malware and web application vulnerability threats that have been identified in the scanner reports.

Remediation-as-a-Service Highlights:

  • Don’t have the resources or time to act on the vulnerabilities identified by GamaShield? GamaShield PLUS provides access to GamaSec’s specialists who will conduct and manage the entire remediation process on your behalf.
  • GamaSec’s global team of trained remediation experts use both manual and automated processes to rid your website of web application vulnerabilities and dangerous malware identified by GamaShield’s AI-based virtual hacker.
  • Re-scans validate and document full eradication – freeing you up to focus on your business while GamaSec provides fast, comprehensive and affordable remediation in a fraction of the time it takes to do it yourself.

We save you time and money by letting our experts do all the leg work,, be sure that the identified application vulnerabilities and/or Malwares will be eradicate from your website.