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GamaSec Next Generation of Web Application Security Scanner and Anti-Malware detection executes continuous dynamic tests combined with simulated web-application attacks during the scanning process.
Military-Grade Technology : GamaSec was developed for the detection of website vulnerabilities and data breaches of highly-sensitive military and government entities. Our technologies have passed extensive and rigorous testing in order to comply with levels of security that surpass the standards of most commercially-available scanning solutions.
Artificial Intelligence : GamaSec scanning solutions are built on next-generation artificial intelligence technologies that penetrate deeply with surgical precision within the application layers. Our vulnerability scanners use simulated scenarios for third-party attack and adapt and learn on a real time basis to identify undetected infections.
False-Positive Free: GamaSec solutions that generate false positives cause companies to spend resources on additional and unnecessary remediation costs. GamaSec uses a sophisticated and proprietary hashing system to minimize false positives. This is done via dynamic false-positive filter rules that are run automatically without any manual interference
GamaScan requires no installation, no set-up, no hardware purchases, no software development and no IT security expertise.
Customers do not need any special training to use it. Support services are provided for every customer by certified GamaSec security professionals. Support services include: complete online and on demand management consultations, as well as phone and email support.
Web Application Vulnerability Scanner
360 degrees website protection
Application vulnerability assessment
Daily update for new vulnerabilities
Zero Day vulnerability finding
Includes checks for all web-site attacks
Application layers vulnerabilities check
( e.g. Cross Site Scripting (XSS), SQL injection,
Code Inclusion)
Executive and technical graphic report
On demand scan/Scheduler
Immediate activation of the scan
PDF format reports
Online Tech support ticket 24/7
XML reports format
3 levels reporting view permission
Scan customization
Reduce fault positive results
Security Seal
Daily Malware Detection Scanner
Heuristic and non-signature scan method
Daily Scan for known Malware
Scan for unknown Malware
Reputation Monitoring
Blacklist Monitoring
Instant Email notifications
Complete malware report
On demand Malware re scan request
Use Artificial intelligence engine
All pages scanned during every scan
Address the zero-day exploits problem
Recognize suspicious/malicious URLs
Detects encoded JS/HTML/PDF threats
Detects JS obfuscation techniques
Detect Iframes and external links
Detects encrypted binary shell-codes
Trust seal